Hand Drumming

August 20th, 2011 by phil

I am a local hand drummer and i am also widely influenced by the music and culture of West Africa, Cuba and Brazil. In 1999 i went on a study tour to West Africa with Ray Pereira(my long time friend and drum teacher) and Nii Tettey Tetteh from Ghana and studied in Accra. Phil has played with many of the great drummers now living in Australia, King Marong & Bantaba BInde, Lamine Nanky & Djef Djell, Dada Nii & the Damushi Ensemble to name a few.I am a passionate hand drummer and teacher and have a  Djembe class every Saturday and sometimes we branch over to Congas and basic Brazilian instruments and rhythms. I can  tune your Djembe if it sounds dull & Congas, Dundun’s etc, and also repair skin or cracks and splits.

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